Are you planning to expand your business in New York and looking for a local area code? If so, you have come to the right place. This blog will cover everything you should know about the area code 347. 

In this blog, we will learn about the history, location, and how you can buy the New York Area code. Further, we will discuss using the 347 area code for personal and business benefits. Let’s start with learning what the area code 347 phone number is.

What is the Area Code 347 Phone Number?

What is the 347 Area Code Phone Number

Area code 347, also known as the New York area code, is a telephone area code registered in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), which serves New York City, NY, excluding Manhattan. It provides services in New York City, Queen, and Staten Island. Moreover, it covers 5 counties: Kings, Queen, Richmond, Bronx, and New York.

The 347 area code overlays area code 718, which serves the same area. Area code 347 started service on October 1, 1999, and was created from area code 718. Likewise, area code 929 was created from 347 in 2011.

The 347 area code is located in the Eastern time zone, also known as America/New York time zone. If you need to call someone in New York, use the 347 area code followed by the local phone number.

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How Do 347 Area Code Numbers Work?

Area code 347 is registered under North American Numbering Plan (NANP), a telephone numbering plan in North America. The 347 area code works like any other area code registered under NANP. In the 347 area code, calls are routed to the telecommunications infrastructure that manages phone numbers within that specific area. Here are the ways on how it works.

1. Dialing

Callers must dial the ten-digit phone number, including the area code, to make a call. Callers must include the area code to make a call despite their location being within or outside the 347 area code region. For example, if the phone number is 347-555-1234, you would dial all 10 digits despite your geographical location. 

A caller must dial all the numbers as this region has an overlay area code. 

2. Geographic Coverage

The 347 area code offers its service in some parts of New York State, including the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. It is one of the area codes used in these boroughs, alongside 718 and 929. It serves three major cities: New York City, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and many more in Kings, Queen, Richmond, Bronx, and New York counties.

3. Number Assignment

When the area code was introduced, a block of available numbers was allocated to each carrier operating in the regional area. These numbers are then distributed based on customer demand by service providers. When someone subscribes to phone services in the 347 area code, they receive a unique phone number from the available pool. 

They can make and receive calls within the area using this number, which identifies their location in New York City. 

4. Number Portability

The users of the 347 area code can switch between service providers while keeping their existing phone numbers. It enables seamless transfers, promotes competition, and empowers consumers to choose the best services without changing their 347 area code number.

Where is Area Code 347 Located?

Where is Area Code 347 Located

Area code 347 is located in New York State, United States. It covers five counties: Kings, Queen, Richmond, Bronx, and New York. It serves New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island. 

Area code 347 overlays area code 718 which serves the same geographic area. As this area code is an overlay, you must dial all 10 digits to make a call, even while calling someone in the 347 area code premises.

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List of Cities in Area Code 347

Area code 347 offers services in three major cities in New York State. With a population of over 8 million, New York City is the largest user of this area code. Here is a list of cities that use the 347 area code. 

  • Arverne, NY
  • Bayside, NY
  • Bronx, NY
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Cambria Heights, NY
  • East Elmhurst, NY
  • Elmhurst, NY
  • Far Rockaway, NY
  • Flushing, NY
  • Forest Hills, NY
  • Inwood, NY
  • Jackson Heights, NY
  • Jamaica, NY
  • Kew Gardens, NY
  • Little Neck, NY
  • Long Island City, NY
  • Maspeth, NY
  • Oakland Gardens, NY
  • Queens Village, NY
  • Rego Park, NY
  • Richmond Hill, NY
  • Ridgewood, NY
  • Saint Albans, NY
  • South Ozone Park, NY
  • South Richmond Hill, NY
  • Staten Island, NY
  • Whitestone, NY
  • White Plains, NY
  • Woodside, NY
  • Yonkers, NY

Why Does Your Business Need a New York Area Code?

Why Does Your Business Need a New York Area Code

Your business needs a New York area code to establish a local presence, get exposure to larger customers and leads, or expand and enhance your operations in some regions of the New York State. In short, it is one of the best ways to improve the customer base and enhance customer service in certain areas of Kings, Queen, Richmond, Bronx, and New York counties. 

So, here are some reasons why your business needs a New York area code.

1. Establish a Local Presence in New York

A New York 347 area code helps well-established and start-up businesses establish a strong local presence in New York, building confidence among the people. Startups and well-established businesses looking to enter the New York market can get a New York area code to get exposure to a large audience and customer base.

2. Marketing Advantages

Businesses can significantly improve their marketing strategies in New York using the 347 area code. For instance, they can use toll-free and vanity numbers with area codes in the marketing tools like websites, advertisements, business cards, and other similar things. This can attract a large number of local audiences and customers. Likewise, the local area code helps your customers reach you more easily. 

3. Customer Trust

Businesses can increase trust using the New York area code because potential customers and leads are likelier to answer calls or engage in a conversation from a local number with a familiar area code.  Furthermore, customers feel safer and more convenient speaking with the businesses available in their region.

4. Increase Call Acceptance Rate

Businesses can easily enhance their call acceptance and conversion rates using the New York area code. Potential customers and leads are likelier to answer calls from a local number with a familiar area code. This higher client interaction and conversion rates may ultimately increase sales and revenue.

5. Mobility and Flexibility 

Businesses can maintain flexibility and mobility despite being in New York with a New York area code. Businesses may easily communicate with their customers, clients, leads, and other parties regardless of location. Moreover, they can have mobility using fixed office spaces or remote working solutions. 

Your business can operate remotely with the New York area code, eradicating geographical and time barriers. 

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How to Buy a 347 Area Code Phone Number?

Many providers offer area code 347 in the market for the New York region. So, first and foremost, you must choose a telecommunications provider that offers services in your area. Make a list of providers which offer services within your region, and check their websites. 

Furthermore, you can contact their sales and compliance teams to see if 347 area code numbers are available for sale. If it is available, look for the features and plans of the provider. After choosing the provider, you can look for a suitable number. Once you find your ideal number, purchase it through their website or platform. 

The provider’s service team will assist you in setting up your phone service and configuring it. After that, verify the pricing and terms before finalizing the purchase. However, remember that the availability of the area code and procedures for setting up may vary among providers.

Steps to Get a 347 Area Code Number

Buying a 347 area code number is simple and easy. You can follow the given steps to acquire a 347 area code number.

  1. Sign up via the official website or mobile app.
  2. Login with the correct credentials to access the dashboard.
  3. Click the “My Number” option under the “Portal” menu.
  4. Select the “Buy Number” option.
  5. Choose “US” as the country and select the desired 347 area code from the list.
  6. Make payment and submit necessary documents if necessary.
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Why Choose Us?

There are many providers which offer area code 347. However, if you want a provider with reliable service, affordable prices, and a user-friendly interface, we suggest you choose Dialaxy. With us, you can get features and services value for money. Moreover, we have one of the best customer services in the industry. 

Here are some reasons why you should choose us as your area code 347 provider.

1. Affordable Pricing

First, We offer one of the best services for obtaining a 347 area code in a cost-effective solution. We are transparent and do not charge additional fees for setup or use. Furthermore, we ensure that there are no hidden charges.

We offer three subscription plans per your need and requirement to serve businesses of all sizes and natures. The three plans are essential, standard, and enterprise, available for monthly or yearly payments.

2. Reliable Service

Our customer-centric business provides excellent call quality and reliable business services for the 347 area code. With our service, you don’t have to worry about technical issues. We ensure that every user can enjoy clear and uninterrupted communication with customers in New York. Our reliable service will surely contribute to a positive customer experience. 

3. User-Friendly Interface

Likewise, we offer simple and convenient services to facilitate every user. You can set up, configure and manage your 347 area code number effortlessly with Dialaxy’s user-friendly interface. Furthermore, you can easily adjust features, change settings, and access call logs. 

Because our platform is simple and user-friendly, you don’t have to worry about technical complexity.

4. Customer Satisfaction

We always prioritize our customers first. We offer one of the best after-sales services and have dedicated teams to serve you. If you are having trouble setting up your area code or have any technical difficulties, we are available 24/7 to help you. Our around-the-clock service significantly increases customer satisfaction.

5. Advanced Features

Lastly, we offer many advanced features ideal for personal and business use. We offer various features, from call forwarding and routing to call monitoring and recording. These features can significantly help in enhancing your communication system. 


The 347 area code is essential for New York’s telecommunication, including cities like New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island. If you want to establish a local presence in New York or maybe expand your business and gain a competitive advantage, use area code 347.

It is essential to consider your business’ needs, operating methods, and other factors when deciding whether or not you need the 347 area code. Finally, consider buying area code 347 from Dialaxy, as we offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service for 347 area code solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Area Code 347 a Toll-free Number?

No, area code 347 is not a toll-free number. The number is local to Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and parts of the Bronx in New York City. If you call a number with area code 347, you will be charged the same rate you would for a local number.

What is the Area Code for New York?

Here is a list of New york city area codes.

Area Code Region/ Area
212 Manhattan
315 Central New York
347 Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and parts of the Bronx
516 Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island
518 Capital District and North-Eastern New York
607 Southern Tier and Finger Lakes
631 Northeastern and Eastern Long Island
646 Manhattan
716 Western New York
845 Southern New York
914 Westchester County
929 Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and parts of the Bronx
363 Nassau County

Can you Buy a Local 347 New York Phone Number?

Yes, you can buy a local 347 New York phone number. Many providers offer this service, including Dialaxy.

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