Are you a new business owner or looking to grow your existing business? The 646 area code is a phone number that lets you expand your business reach and establish a local presence in one of the most vibrant cities in the United States, i.e. New York. 

The area code 646 is a great way to reach more customers, establish a local presence, and increase brand awareness. You can make a virtual presence even if your business operates outside New York City.

In this blog post, you’ll get a comprehensive guide on what area code 646 is, how it helps your business, and the steps to get it. So, read it till the end to know everything about the 646 area code.

What is 646 Area Code Phone Number?

What is 646 Area Code Phone Number

The 646 area code is a New York telephone area code covering North America’s Manhattan area and is used by a broad number of industries. It is an integral part of phone numbers in the United States.

The 646 area code helps to build a local presence and route calls to a specific region. It was first introduced in 1999 as a replacement for the existing 212 area code due to its overload and high demand for phone numbers.

How Does it Work?

Here’s a detailed step-by-step on how area code 646 works:

  • Firstly, the Northern American Numbering Plan (NANP, A system that assigns telephone numbers in the United States and Canada) divides the continent into area codes, also known as numbering plan areas (NPAs). 
  • The user dials the full ten digits numbers along with the area code (in this case, it’s 646). 

For example, to dial the number 212-777-1234, you would dial 1-646-212-777-1234. Where 646 is the area code, 212 is the central office code, and 777-1234 is the subscriber number.

  • Then, the area code routes call to the right geographic location. The central office code routes call to the right carrier or service provider, and the subscriber number is used to identify the business or individual to which the call is being placed.

Where is Area Code 646?

The area code 646 covers the Manhattan area within New York City. The Manhattan area is often called “The City” of New York. Manhattan Island, Marble Hill, Central Park, and Times Square are popular places in Manhattan.

The 646 area code covers the following areas in New York City, which is presented in tabular form.

County Borough TimeZone
New York, NY   Manhattan Eastern

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How Does 646 Area Code Number Help Your Business?

How Does 646 Area Code Number Help Your Business

There are many ways the 646 area code can help your business. Real estate businesses and contact centers can leverage the benefits of the 646 area code to make their business effective by establishing a local presence, reaching more customers, and expanding market reach. Some of the ways in which the 646 area code number can help your business are discussed below:

1. Local Presence

Having a area code 646 phone number helps to have a local business presence in New York City, even if your physical location is not in the city.  You can build trust and attract potential customers in those areas since it seems more local to customers in those areas.

2. Targeting New York Market

New York City is one of the most powerful and dynamic markets in the world, having endless opportunities. If you plan to target the New York market, area code 646 can be an effective tool because customers are more likely to trust and prefer a business with a local presence. 

3. Improve Brand Perception

Perception matters in business, and connecting your business with New York City can significantly improve your brand image. By doing this, you can make an impression on people that you are part of New York City’s lively landscape.

4. Reach More Customers

A 646 area code phone number can help your business attract and engage more potential customers, as New York City is highly populated. Your business will get a chance to be seen by many people, leading more people to your website, getting more leads, and making more sales.

5. Competitive Edge

In business, every advantage matters, whether it is big or small. Having an area code 646 gives you a competitive edge by giving you a local presence and gaining the trust of the local people in Manhattan. It sets you apart from your competitors and proves you as a genuine brand in the New York City market.

Steps to Get a 646 Area Code Phone Number

Steps to Get a 646 Area Code Phone Number

There are different ways to acquire a 646 area code number. One of the ways you can do it is given below. You can easily get an area code 646  number by following these steps.

  • Research Service Provider: Start by researching telecommunication service providers that offer a 646 area code number. Look for companies that have served for many years and built a good public profile.
  • Select the Right Plan: Choose a plan that meets all your business needs.
  • Contact the Provider: Contact the selected service providers and express your interest in obtaining the 646 area code. They will provide further guidance on the documentation process and fees.
  • Setup and Configuration: Once you get the area code 646 from your virtual number provider, they will guide you on setup and configuration according to your business requirements. 

Reasons to Buy 646 Area Code Number From Dialaxy

Reasons to Buy 646 Area Code Number From Dialaxy

Dialaxy is a leading virtual phone service provider, and we offer 646 area code business phone numbers for businesses of all sizes. The features and benefits we provide can help your business grow in today’s digital age. Below are the reasons you should buy the area code 646 business phone number from us:

1. Reliability and Quality 

We are a reliable virtual phone service provider that focuses on providing excellent and quality service. We are a customer-centric brand, working hard to meet your unique needs with timely service. High call quality and reliable connections are guaranteed, which enable your business communication to be effective.

2. Advanced Features

We offer many advanced features, including call recording, call forwarding, voicemail, interactive voice response (IVR), video conferencing, missed call and SMS notifications, and many more. These features assist your business in managing calls effectively and boost productivity.

3. Customized Solutions

Dialaxy understands clearly that every business is unique. So we provide customized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We ensure you are getting the most out of every service we offer. 

4. Excellent Customer Support

We take pride in providing a customer-centric solution. Our dedicated support team is always available to address any queries or concerns you may have. We’ll be more than happy to solve the problems you may encounter during the process, and we ensure a smooth experience throughout our partnership.

5. Cost-Effective Solutions

The pricing structure is transparent, cost-effective, and straightforward, making it fit for all business sizes. We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions where you can choose three different plans: essential, standard, and enterprise. The best part is there are no hidden fees or overcharges.

6. Easy to Setup and Configuration

Getting area code 646 business phone number from us is an easy process. Our team will take you through the entire setup and configuration process, making it smooth and trouble-free. You will get exceptional support and guidance throughout your partnership with us.

If you are considering getting an area code 646 for your business, this is the perfect solution. We stand out as a technologically advanced,  customer-focused, and reliable service provider.


In conclusion, having a 646 area code is one of the best ways to attract more customers for businesses targeting the Manhattan area. It helps to build the trust of local people, target the New York market, and get a competitive edge.

Dialaxy comes out on top as one of the best 646 area code providers due to its reliability, high call quality, advanced features, customized solutions, excellent customer support, and cost-effective solutions.

Take advantage of area code 646 today and watch your business flourish in a vigorous city in the United States. 


What cities are area code 646 in?

Area code 646 is in New York City. It covers the Manhattan borough of New York City.

How much does the 646 area code number cost?

The cost of area code 646 depends on the service provider you choose. Various service providers have different pricing plans. Contact them to know about their cost plans.

Is area code 646 available in Canada?

No, area code is not available in Canada. It is only available in New York City, which covers the Manhattan area.

What is the best area code for Manhattan?

212 is the best area code for Manhattan because it conveys a message of stability and longevity of a business. But they are difficult to get. 

Is 646 area code a cell phone?

Area code 646 is used in cell phones to identify the geographical location of a caller. In New York City, the 646 area code is used for many business telephone systems, including landlines and phones.

Is 646 area code a toll-free number?

No, 646 area code is not a toll-free number. Both numbers look similar, but they have different functions and uses.

What is the time zone of area code 646?

Area code 646 is located in the Eastern (ET)  time zone, also known as America/New York. 

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