In the advanced tech world of today, features are displayed in ways we could not have imagined. It is magically satisfying, like a delicious cake. 

Did you know the iPhone has an impressive function that can significantly enhance your communication and establish trust in your relationships? You can send automatic messages on iPhone. 

There are various reasons why you should use automated messages, and there are various ways to schedule them. 

If you have a busy schedule, setting up an automated message on your iPhone can be a simple and easy way to manage your messages. 

For example, suppose you are in a meeting and unable to respond to a message from someone you need to address. In that case, you can set up an automatic response.

Brief overview of sending automatic messages on iPhone

Brief overview of sending automatic messages on iPhone

Sending automatic messages is one of the crucial aspects of saving time and improving the business with effective interaction. And sometimes, with a busy schedule, you must also care for your family, friends, and loved ones.

Suppose you’re driving a car and have a message, but you can’t answer it and don’t want it to be ignored. Is there anything you can do? Yes, Simply set up auto-replies on your iPhone. You can handle text messages while driving without endangering your life or human interaction.

Automated text messages are essential for businesses to engage with their audience. Setting up automatic text is accessible and maintains your busy schedule. With shortcuts, you can handle text messages while driving without endangering your life or requiring human interaction.

Automated text is vital for modern businesses to engage efficiently with their audience. Setting up automatic text messages is accessible and maintains your busy schedule.

One of the valuable tools to connect with your audience and acquire more customers is sending an automatic Message. These features include automatic messaging options that can help streamline your communication with potential customers. Utilizing these features can enhance your outreach efforts and achieve better results.

How to send automatic text messages?

How to send automatic text messages

Automated text messages are an effective tool for sending messages without human input. By scheduling messages to be sent at scheduled times, You can ensure that your communication stays on track even when unavailable. 

Set up automatic responses so your phone can respond for you. It’s a great way to keep in touch without checking your phone constantly.

Automatic Text messages enhance your business, which provides business texting platforms. Features like automatic texting help you send one-to-many or bulk SMS messages, manage contacts, integrate with other business platforms, and secure messages.

Some common automated messages from businesses to their customer,


“Thank you for reaching out to [Business Name]. We have received your message and will be in touch [Time].”

“Thank you for visiting our site. We are sad to see you go. On your next visit, please enjoy this 30% off coupon for anything in our inventory.”

The following steps will guide you on how to set up automation through both business platforms and on your phone.

Automating text messages through a business platform

Automating text messages through business platforms has various benefits, including appointment reminders, order confirmation and updates, customer surveys and feedback requests, customer support and assistance, and more. 

An automated text message sent through a business texting platform is composed of three essential parts:

  • Trigger:

The trigger is the condition that initiates the sending of the automated text. It determines when the automation should be activated.

  • Action:

An action is the specific task or set of tasks your platform performs in response to the trigger.

  • SMS template:  A predefined automated text message that can be customized or a reusable test message.

The process of setting up automatic text

  • Navigate to automation 
  • Select the option to create a new automation
  • Choose your trigger
  • Choose your action
  • Choose your SMS template
  • Test the automation.

Automating text messages via business platforms enables organizations to improve customer communication, increase efficiency and customer engagement, and expand their business.

Establishing automated SMS drip campaigns

Automated SMS drip campaigns effectively enhance user engagement and ensure that they receive targeted messages consistently. This approach combines the benefits of SMS drip campaigns and scheduled texts. 

Some common uses of this approach include onboarding and welcome sequences, improving customer engagement and retention, sending event reminders and RSVPs, delivering educational content, and more.

Process for setting up automation SMS drip campaigns:

  • Create a list of contacts
  • Go to campaigns in your business texting platform.
  • Choose the option Create a new campaign.
  • Choose days apart and send the schedule.
  • Choose the additional campaign setting.
  • Create the SMS templates you’d like to send
  • Choose your list of contacts to be sent the template.
  • Navigate to the automation tab in your texting platform.
  • Choose the option to create a new automation.
  • Select your trigger
  • Select an action
  • Test the automation.

Establishing a solid customer engagement strategy is crucial to communicating effectively with your audience, and automated SMS drip campaigns can help achieve this goal. 

Establishing cross-platform SMS automation

Cross-platform SMS automation involves creating a system to send and receive messages across different platforms. Users can communicate seamlessly regardless of their device or platform.

Cross-platform SMS automation is used for marketing campaigns, notifications, authentication processes, and customer support, ensuring seamless and effective engagement with targeted audiences while managing the diverse digital environment.

Creating a cross-platform automation with your CRM

  • Integrate your SMS platform with CRM.
  • Build your text automation.
  • Test your automation.

Furthermore, establishing cross-platform SMS automation helps businesses to adopt the changing customer preferences and market dynamics.

Automating texts on iPhone 

Automated text messages help you create a proper automation workflow. Automating text on your iPhone allows you to send text messages. 

There are various reasons why businesses and individuals want to automate texts on iPhones, such as time efficiency, task automation, consistency, scheduled messaging, personal productivity, reduced human error, business communication, and more. 

There are a variety of uses for automatic texts on iPhone, including reminders, birthday wishes, confirmations of meetings, and health and fitness goals.

How to send automatic messages on iPhone?

Sending text messages automatically on an iPhone is very convenient. It allows you to choose how and when you want to communicate with others and can even help improve the efficiency of your business. 

Simply follow these steps to send automatic messages on iPhone:

Step 1: Open your shortcut app and tap “Automation.”

Step 2: Simply click the plus sign in the top right of your screen.

Step 3: Tap “Create Personal Automation.”

Step 4: Set the time and day

Step 5: Tap Add Action.

Step 6: Select Send message from Next action suggestions.

Step 7: Tap and fill in “Message” and “Recipients,” then tap “Next.”

Setting up automatic text messaging is easy; you can adjust the settings to meet your requirements. This way, you can schedule messages to be sent without worrying about doing it manually. This is especially helpful when you’re busy driving, in a meeting, or have a lot going on.

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Considerations for choosing the most suitable method

When considering the most suitable method, there can be different reasons for the need and requirements for automated messages. You have to choose the most effective method according to your specific use.

Some general considerations for choosing the most suitable method:

  • Compliance and legal requirements: 

Ensure that the chosen method is a primary concern when dealing with sensitive client data. Assure that the chosen method adheres to relevant regulations and guidelines governing SMS communications.

  • User Experience:

Selecting the suitable method to enhance the user experience for recipients and senders. Consider whether the platform is user-friendly before choosing a suitable method for your ease.

  • Flexibility and customization:

For a successful automation strategy, assess the level of flexibility and customization the method offers. This ability to tailor messages, triggers, and workflow to your specific needs is crucial.

  • Cost-effective:

Evaluate the cost-effectiveness while choosing the method. Before choosing the best and most cost-effective, ensure that your reason for using the method can fulfill a specific need that you want.

  • Support and documentation:

Evaluate the features available on the platform. Make sure it is reliable and secure. Check the level of customer service offered by the platform. 

It can be challenging if you’re looking for the best-automated messaging platform for your business. The key is to list your needs and carefully consider what you want in an automated message service. Doing so lets you find the right provider that suits your needs and helps you choose the best automated message service for your business.

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Sending automated text messages can be helpful and efficient for personal and business purposes. It saves time and effort when you’re busy with work and helps build more solid customers. By automating text messages, you can easily reach out to potential customers and get to know them better.

Text messages play an essential role in an organization’s effective communication strategies. Automated messages provide a convenient, prompt, and straightforward way for businesses to connect with their targeted audiences and build lasting relationships effectively.

You can easily send automated messages by setting up simple settings in the shortcut app on your iPhone. This can be a helpful tool for saving time and ensuring that important messages are sent promptly.


Can you send an automatic text on iPhone?

Yes, you can easily create an automatic text on your iPhone by setting shortcut apps based on specific triggers or schedules you require.

How do I send automatic messages on iPhone?

You can send an automatic message in various ways using Apple shortcut apps on your iPhone or third-party apps. Using the Shortcuts app, select a time of day option, then tap the displayed time to set when you want your text to be sent.

Can I send a scheduled text on iPhone?

Yes, there is a way you can schedule text messages on your iPhone by using the shortcuts app on iPhone.

How do I automatically send text messages instead of iMessage?

You can automatically send text messages instead of iMessage: Simply go to settings, then messages, and click send as SMS.

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