Do you want your deactivated phone number back? There is a way to get your deactivated phone number back.

You can get the number if your carrier does not reuse it. To reactivate your number, call your carrier to get the authority to use your phone number back.

You can consult your nearest sim operator, who can help you get your old number back to you. Get a deactivated phone number back quickly by contacting your provider’s customer service representative and inquiring about the steps to get back a deactivated phone number.

Let’s step ahead for more details. 

Why are Numbers Deactivated?

Why are Numbers Deactivated

FCC spokesman Mark Wigfield told the Los Angeles Times, “Carriers must put the residential number back into use within 90 days.” According to the FCC, approximately 35 million phone numbers are recycled annually, or about 100K daily. 

Remember that your phone service provider will reuse your number and provide it to someone else. There are various reasons why numbers are deactivated. 

Let’s outline some reasons why are numbers deactivated:

  • In case the phone number is not used for an extended period.
  • Unpaid bills and outstanding within a specified timeframe can lead to the deactivation of your number.
  • Engaging in illegal activities or misuse of the service can lead to deactivating your number.
  • While switching to a new provider, your old service provider may deactivate your number.
  • A service provider may also deactivate a number if it is reported for spamming.

Why Does One Need a Deactivated Phone Number Back?

One needs a deactivated phone number back for various reasons. People with different personalities and professions can have reasons for retrieving the old number.

Some of the common reasons are as follows:

  • One must activate their old deactivated phone number to contact their loved ones, family, friends, or someone important. 
  • One needs a deactivated phone number to retrieve the vital contact information from the number unplugged from the service.
  • A person must know their number is activated for banking transactions and work-related purposes such as receiving calls, emails, essential verification codes, etc.
  • Activating an old number is necessary for many purposes, including banking and recovering deleted data, business data, and essential statements.

Other purposes for reactivating your old phone number include social media account recovery, software update verification codes, and many other things connected via your deactivated cell phone number.

Are telephone numbers reused?

It’s for sure your telephone numbers are reused if the number is not used or if there is an outstanding balance or unpaid bills. Your phone carrier automatically deactivates your number. If you don’t attempt to consult 90 days after that, it is processed to be reused by another person.

Reason for reuse of deactivated telephone numbers:

  • Resource Efficiency
  • Scarcity of available numbers
  • Number recycling
  • Consumer preferences
  • Economic considerations
  • Regulatory requirements

It’s worth noting that telecommunication providers often reuse phone numbers each year. This practice helps them optimize resources and align with regulatory requirements and customer preferences. 

Providers can mitigate fraud and abuse by reassigning deactivated numbers while maintaining privacy, security, and customer satisfaction. 

This approach is a thoughtful and responsible way to manage a finite resource and benefits everyone in the telecommunications ecosystem.

How do I transfer contacts from a deactivated phone?

Transfering your contact information from a deactivated phone number depends on how your data are saved, whether in the sim card, external storage device, the device (Android phone)  itself, or the cloud-based service.

Utilizing these steps can help you export your information from a deactivated number. So follow the steps to transfer contact from a deactivated number:

  • Export contacts
  • Connect your Google or Android phone account
  • Transfer via SIM card
  • Contact your carrier to find out
  • Using third-party applications

You can also recover contacts from your old SIM card cell phones with the help of third-party applications. These applications are designed to retrieve contact information or recover deleted data from deactivated numbers.

So be calm. Don’t worry about retrieving your data, but ensure the number is not reassigned to the new subscriber by the service provider. The data from your number is permanently deleted by telecommunications so that it can be reused by someone else. 

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How to get back a deactivated phone number easily?

How to get back a deactivated phone number easily

If a phone number has been deactivated, you can easily reactivate it by providing a detailed reason. Remember that it may be challenging to reactivate your mobile number when it was deactivated permanently, illegally, or misused, or software updates from service providers can sometimes permanently delete data.

Here are some steps to get back a deactivated phone number easily:

Step 1: Find out when your number was deactivated 

Finding the date that your number is deactivated can let you know whether otters use it because if you cannot consult your provider for about 90 days, they can reuse your number and send it for reuse. If the other person does not own it, you can get your number back without problems.

Step 2: Try to contact the number 

If your number is reused and the other person answers your call while calling your old number, then ensure that you lose that number. Also, you can text message to check if your number is being reused.

Step 3: Consult your contact service provider 

Contact your service provider and be sure that your number is deactivated. Setting an inquiry to your service provider to recover your deactivated number can ensure you can activate that number or not.

Step 4: Demand a reactivation of your old phone number

Request the service provider to reactivate your old number, and be sure that your number is already in use. If others do not use the number, the service provider can reactivate your cell phone number.

Step 5: Wait for the number to be reactivated by your provider

If your phone number is deactivated, wait for your service provider to reactivate it, and you can use your old number again if other people do not use it.

After completing all the above steps and paying fees and bills if necessary, be sure your deactivated number will be reactivated in 48 hours or even earlier than that. 

How to Get Back a Deactivated Landline Phone Number?

There is a way to get the deactivated landline phone number back. Some common steps to retrieve your landline phone number are as follows:

  • Contact your landline provider, which you can find this number on your previous billing statement, or visit the service provider’s website.
  • Provide account information to verify your identity and account ownership.
  • Inquire about the reactivation process, where you can ask a customer service representative for the detailed steps to reactivate your landline number.
  • Before standing reactivation, settle outstanding balances and find out if you have unpaid bills or outstanding balances on your account or not.
  • Follow provider instructions for reactivation carefully, which may involve entering the verification code, restarting your landline equipment, or following other recommendations.

How do you know if a number is still active?

If the number is active, you can quickly contact them or text message them as a quick check or contact the service provider, which will provide you with information on whether the number is active or not.

It’s effortless to know if a number is still active. Follow these steps to know if the number is still active or not:

  • Text message the number if it is reported as ‘Delivered’ it is active.
  • Make a call. The number is probably active if it rings or goes to voicemail. 
  • Contact your service provider, To ensure the number is active or not.
  • Several free online tools help you know whether your number is active or not.

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Can you keep a phone number without service?

Yes, you can keep a phone number without any service. There are various alternative ways to keep a phone number without service, like Wi-Fi calling, virtual numbers, VoIP apps(Messenger, Viber, Google Voice, Skype, WhatsApp), t-mobile phones, and several other social media platforms that enable making and receiving calls.

Also, you can go through VoIP service providers like Dialaxy, Krispcall, and Nextiva. This cloud telephony service provider effectively and efficiently provides a call without a SIM card, which makes it easy to make and receive calls through the internet without disruptions.


You have to think before deactivating your number because there can be important contact information, like friends, family, loved ones, and other business-related information that they know from that number. Getting a deactivated number back is to provide proper information about what you need to activate your number, set up the requirements, and get through the steps for reactivating the number you want. 

Clear all your outstanding balances and unpaid bills. Create the bridge to overcome the vile activities through the phone number. Remember that your number service provider may permanently delete your data if they process your deactivated number to be reused. Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy have built-in features to store contact information in internal storage or external storage devices. If the phone rings or your text message is delivered, be sure that the service provider reused your cell phone number to other users.

Can a deactivated mobile number be reactivated?

Be sure you can get your deactivated cell phone number activated. Your service provider may reactivate your number if your service provider doesn’t let your number be reused for other people. In this case, you could not get your old number back.

Can you reactivate a Canceled phone number?

A process is required to reactivate, and you can reactivate a canceled phone number if the number is not assigned to the new users by the telecommunication.

Do deactivated phone numbers get reused?

Yes, the deactivated number gets reused. Recycling the deactivated number differs among different telecommunications companies and regions.

What happens when a phone number is deactivated?

Telecommunication may reuse the deactivated number and reassign it to the new users. If you deactivate your number, it will be recycled and reassigned to their new subscriber. It is recommended to back up essential data before deactivating the number.

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