Are you looking for ways to connect with someone living in Canada affordably and seamlessly? If so, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will cover how to get a Canadian phone number from any country

So, whether you are a traveler, freelance, business owner, or have someone in Canada, this blog is for you. We will discuss why having a Canadian phone number is essential, how to get the number, and some best providers in the market so you can select the right provider. Let’s start.

Explanation of the Importance of Having a Canadian Phone Number

Importance of Having a Canadian Phone Number

A Canada phone number can help businesses in other countries expand their operation in the Canadian market. On the other hand, individuals can seamlessly communicate and collaborate with anyone in the Great White North. It only gets better from here. So, let’s learn the importance of having a Canadian phone number.

1. Establish a Local Presence in Canada

Businesses can use the Canadian local area code phone number to establish a local presence in various cities and regions of Canada like Québec, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Using a local area code phone number gives the impression that your business exists and operates there.

Furthermore, you can significantly improve trust and engagement with the local customers, improving the business’s credibility. This can be beneficial for companies that are planning to expand or establish a business in Canada.

2. Improved Accessibility in Communication

If you have someone in Canada, like family, friends, clients, or colleagues, then the Canada phone number is for you. With this phone number, you can easily communicate with anyone in this North American country. 

In short, having a Canadian phone number helps you communicate seamlessly, build and maintain personal and professional relationships, and improve your networks.

3. Reduced Cost in Local Calls

Calling someone living in Canada from another country can be expensive, considering the additional cost of long-distance or international calling. So, if you have to call someone in Canada frequently, you can purchase a Canadian phone number to reduce calling expenditures. 

Remember: Local Calls are much cheaper than long-distance and international calls.

4. Improve Business Credibility

Having a Canadian phone number can significantly boost your business’s credibility if you operate in Canada or target Canadian consumers. Businesses with a local phone number are more likely to be trusted and engaged by customers since it indicates the business is accessible to them.

How do I get a VoIP Canadian Phone Number from Wherever I Live?

Getting a Virtual Phone Number from any provider is very easy. Although there might be slight differences between some virtual phone number providers, you can follow the following steps for most Virtual phone number providers.

  1. Research the best virtual phone number providers for Canada on the market. 
  2. Create an account with your chosen service provider. 
  3. Sign up for your chosen provider’s account.
  4. Select Canada from the list of countries.
  5. Enter the city or state of your required number.
  6. Select the type of phone number, like Toll-free, vanity phone, mobile, local, and international.
  7. Make payment after you’ve selected the number.
  8. Submit your documents for verification.
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Best Virtual Canadian Phone Number Providers in 2023

There are hundreds of Virtual Canadian Phone Number Providers. Although the objectives of all these providers are similar, there are major differences in the pricing, features, integrations, pros, and cons. So, based on these factors, we have compiled the top eight Canadian virtual phone number providers

1. Dialaxy


Dialaxy is a reliable Canadian virtual phone number provider that offers a free trial and demo for users before committing to the service. It is a trustworthy provider which has a transparent privacy policy. 

Dialaxy has become an excellent option for virtual phone numbers because it offers better compatibility than other providers in the market. Dialaxy can be used in Android, iOS App, Windows, Linux Desktop App, and Mac.  This provider focuses on offering services like toll-free, international, vanity, and local phone numbers in all the major cities of the USA and Canada.

Moreover, it offers package-based services for individuals and businesses of all sizes and nature. But wait, there is more, it offers customization for businesses and individuals in its features, too. Here is a list of significant features of Dialaxy:


Call forwarding and routing

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Agents Groups

Voicemail Greetings

Call monitoring


  • Essential: $19.99 Per User Per Month
  • Standard: $17.99 Per User Per Month
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales Team 


  • Offers toll-free, international, vanity, and local phone numbers.
  • Affordable (Price Starting at $17.99 per month)
  • Advanced features and customization


  • Service is Limited up to Two Countries (USA and Canada)
  • Integrations are in the development phase.

2. KrispCall


Next on the list, we have Krispcall. KrispCall has established itself as one of Canada’s best phone number providers. This provider offers service in over 100+ nations and has more than 2000 customers worldwide. It has several advanced features at an affordable price. This provider offers toll-free, international, vanity, and local phone numbers. 

Here are some features that make KrispCall one of the best options in the market. 


  • Unified Callbox
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Call Monitoring and analytics
  • Hubspot Integration


Essential: $15 per user per month

Standard: $40 per user per month

Enterprise: Contact the Sales Team


Wide Coverage in over 100+ countries

Advanced Features like a Unified Callbox

Affordable Price ((Price Starting at $15 per month)


Limited Integration Options

Call Features like Call Barging are in development.

3. Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice has been offering service for over a decade since 2009 and has risen as one of Canada’s most trusted virtual phone number providers, With features like personalized voicemail greetings and call handling, Google Voice is great for both personal and business use. It offers service in  Europe, the UK, Ireland, the US, and Canada.

Here are some features which make it a top competitor in the market.


  • Read voicemail transcripts 
  • Block spam calls and messages
  • Block unwanted callers
  • Screen calls before receiving calls


Business Starter: $6 per user per month

Business Standard: $12 per user per month

Business Plan: $18 per user per month

Enterprise: Contact Sales team


  • One of the most affordable provides $6 per user per month. 
  • Offers free numbers
  • Offers free calls within the USA
  • Number Porting is available


  • No toll-free numbers
  • No desktop app is available
  • Limited availability

4. Avoxi


Avoxi has established itself as one of the market’s best virtual phone number providers due to its wide coverage. It has offered virtual phone numbers in Canada since 2001, making it one of the oldest and most consistent providers.

With Avoxi, customers can communicate internationally without long-distance charges using a global virtual phone number from countries worldwide. Finally, you can use a local, toll-free, and international phone number for your business phone system with Avoxi.


  • Enterprise API
  • Voicemail to Email Transcription
  • Call Recording and monitoring
  • Failover Forwarding
  • Unlimited Extensions


Contact: $19.99/month per user

Engaged Enterprise: $39.99/month Per User


  • Easy setup and use
  • Wide Coverage
  • Good Customer support


  • It might include hidden charges
  • Frequent issues in call services

5. Grasshopper


Grasshopper is a favorite among small and medium businesses in Canada due to its affordable price and advanced features. It is a good option for providers in Canada because it focuses on offering service in only two countries: the USA and Canada. This provider is known for its simple and user-friendly service and interface.

Don’t let its competitive price make you believe it has limited features, as it offers some of the most advanced features in the market. Here are a few features which make this provider one of the best in Canada.



Call transfers and handling

Customer Greeting 

Business Texting


Contact the Sales Team

6. Zadarma


With over two million registered users in over 160 countries, Zadarma has earned its place in our top eight list. Zadarma has offered phone numbers in Canada for the past 15 years and has only improved with time. Moreover, it offers integrations with various tools like Zoho, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, Messenger, and many more. 

You can save up to 90% on international calls with Zadarma, putting the icing on the cake. So, let’s cover some features of Zadarma, making it one of the best in the industry.


  • Softphone apps
  • SIP-trunk
  • Database actualization (HLR lookup)
  • CRM integration
  • Speech analytics
  • Call Tracking
  • Callback button
  • Video conferencing
  • Click on to call button


Contact the Sales Team


  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Availability of Integrations
  • Affordable pricing


  • The general menu is too complicated and confusing
  • The dashboard and user interface can be improved

7. Sonetal


Sonetal concretes its place in the seventh number. 2,401,421 companies in 239 countries use Sontel, these numbers speak for themselves. With some of the most advanced tools and integrations, it has become a reasonable choice for businesses of all sizes and nature. Here are some of the significant features of Sonetal


  • Global call forwarding
  • Voice Response.
  • Free call recording.
  • Custom Caller ID
  • Free conference calling 
  • Conference call rooms 


Contact the Sales Team


  • Affordable pricing
  • Advanced features
  • Good Customer service


  • Issues in SMS
  • Issues in Incoming calls on the web app

8. CallHippo


Last but not least, CallHippo is another option for getting a virtual Canadian phone number provider. CallHippo offers service in over 70 countries and has several features that make it a good option for Canadian phone numbers. 

The CallHippo virtual phone system enables agents to work more efficiently, automate workflows, and track team performance while reducing communication expenditures. Here are some significant features of CallHippo.


  • 7+Telephony Network
  • 5+Global Server
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Guaranteed CLI In 70+Countries
  • Multiple PBX Technology


Starter: $16 per user per month

Professional: $28 per user per month

Ultimate: $40 per user per month


  • Support is excellent
  • One of the best call-forwarding
  • Integration is simple


  • It might include hidden charges
  • Limited Features

Why is Dialaxy the Best Option for a Virtual Canadian Phone Number?

As mentioned above, several virtual Canadian phone number options are available. However, you must choose the best provider to get the most return and value for your investment. So, we recommend you choose Dialaxy as your ideal option. Why? Here are some reasons.

1. Reliable Service

Dialaxy offers one of the most reliable services for Canadian phone numbers. We have all the required infrastructures, servers, and backups, ensuring you can use our service anytime without any issues. We have disruption-free and crystal-clear voice quality with no call drops and issues in call quality. 

If you face some complexities, you can contact our customer service, who will be ready to assist you anytime.

2. Affordable Price

With a starting price of $17.99, we offer one of the most affordable services in Canadian phone numbers. However, the competitive price does not mean that we compromise our services. Our service lets you enjoy the most advanced features and a comprehensive plan. 

3. Advanced Features

We offer some of the most advanced features in the market, including call forwarding and routing, interactive voice response (IVR), call handling and agent groups, call monitoring, analytics, and many more. 

But wait, it only gets better from here. Dialaxy is working on integrations with over 50 tools and software applications, including HubSpot, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Zapier, Zendesk, etc. 

4. Compatibility

Our product and service are compatible and work with the devices and platforms you intend to use, such as smartphones, computers, or PBX systems. We ensure that there will be no technical issues while setting up and configuring our service. 

5. User-Friendly Interface

Finally, we have a simple and user-friendly interface. Our user-friendly interface lets you set up, configure, and manage your Canadian phone number technical complexities. Moreover, we offer customization for our users to ensure they can easily use our service. 


Summing up, getting a Canadian phone number is the best way to connect with someone living in Canada. With a Canadian phone number, businesses and individuals can establish a local presence in Canada, improve their accessibility in communication, reduce communication costs, and enhance credibility.

You can choose Dialaxy as your ideal Canadian phone number provider to get the most value for your money. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get a Canadian Phone Number from another country?

Yes, you can get a Canadian phone number even if you are living in another country. You can get it by contacting a phone number provider which serves in your area. 

Can I choose my Canadian area code?

Yes, you can choose your Canadian area code to establish a local presence. However, there might be some providers that do not offer this service. 

Why do I need a Canadian Phone number?

You need a Canadian phone number to establish a local presence in Canada, improve their accessibility in communication, reduce communication costs, and enhance credibility.

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