The importance of communication is increasing every day, and remaining connected has been more essential than ever. In this case, you must ensure having a reliable phone number connecting you with the rest of the world. 

Moreover, with the change in the international market, the workforce and versatile business opportunities have also demanded a change in the communication system. So, why not add some versatility to phone numbers? 

Yes, that’s right, we can use phone numbers for something more than making or receiving calls through virtual phone numbers. 

So in this article, we will learn what a Canadian virtual phone number is and how it works in Canada. 

What is a Virtual Phone Number? How Does Virtual Phone Number Work in Canada? 

A virtual number, known as cloud telephony, is a phone number not tied to a physical location, line, or device.

Similarly, A Canadian virtual phone number is a VoIP number with a Canadian country code (+1). This number consists of 11 digits starting with +1, their international code.

These numbers use VoIP technology and DID (Direct-inward-dialing) to make, receive, and forward the calls via the Internet. 

As these numbers are not connected to any location or device like a landline number, you need a good internet connection to use the virtual number. It can be used from any device, including phones, laptops, desktop computers, or tablets. 

Types of Virtual Phone Numbers Available in Canada

The virtual phone number looks similar to the regular Canadian phone number. However, they differ in technology, cost, and additional features. 

Many virtual phone numbers and VoIP providers are available in Canada, including Local virtual phone numbers, Toll-free virtual phone numbers, Vanity virtual phone numbers, and International virtual phone numbers. 

We will learn more about the types of Virtual Canadian phone numbers in more detail: 

  • Local Virtual Phone Numbers

A local virtual phone number is a telephone number connected to a virtual phone system. This number appears to be a local phone number in a specific geographic area.  

Canadian virtual phone numbers provider offers local virtual phone numbers, which consist of ten digits with a format of XXX YYY ZZZZ. 

Generally, the first three digits (XXX) are the area code, the next three digits (YYY) are the central office/exchange code, and the final four digits (ZZZZ) represent the subscriber number.

  • Toll-free Virtual Phone Numbers

Toll-free numbers are phone numbers with three specific and interchangeable numbers that any user can dial without charge. 

A Canadian phone number also provides a toll-free number. They also have ten digits and three specific prefixes; the remaining seven are phone numbers. 

The three specific prefixes are 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888, and 1800. 

In the case of Canadian toll-free numbers, the number format is XXX YYY YYYY, where XXX represents the toll-free code(prefix), and YYY YYYY represents the phone number. 

  • Vanity Virtual Phone Numbers

Vanity numbers are regarded as those phone numbers which spell out a word or a phrase.

Canadian vanity virtual phone numbers also consist of ten digits like other virtual numbers. Its format is similar to toll-free numbers, which is XXX YYY YYYY, where XXX is the toll-free code, and YYY YYYY is the word or phrases the subscribers customize.

The subscribers can choose any word, phrase, name, or acronym for their last seven digits. 

  • International Virtual Phone Numbers

Last but not least, Canadian virtual phone numbers provider also provides international virtual phone numbers. 

It consists of ten digits in the format of XXX YYY YYYY, where the first three digits (XXX) represent the area code of the geographic region, and the remaining seven digits represent the specific phone line.

When dialing/calling from outside of Canada, users should first dial their country’s international access code, followed by the Canadian country code (+1), the area code, and the local number.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Phone Number in Canada

Virtual phone numbers have been essential for the international market, the workforce, and versatile business operations and opportunities. Anyone, from individuals to businesses, can take advantage of this phone number anywhere in the world. 

However, we will look at some of the benefits of virtual phone numbers in Canada:

  • Cost-effectiveness

Setting up virtual phones is quite affordable and does not require additional equipment. 

Moreover, users can make any local and international calls to virtual numbers within the organization, which can be automatically routed via toll-free Internet links. This way, calls can be answered from anywhere without additional cost to the organization.

Finally, the rates for local and international calls are much cheaper than the traditional phone system.

  • Professionalism

Virtual phone numbers allow businesses to establish many phone numbers for different departments like sales teams, customer service, technical support teams, etc. 

Moreover, this number lets you separate your personal and business communications, ultimately improving your and your business’s professionalism.

  • Mobility and Accessibility

You can make and receive calls from anywhere using the virtual phone number. Moreover, you can use any device, including mobile phones, laptops, and tablets which gives you much mobility and accessibility compared to traditional phone systems. 

  • Establish Local Presence

Virtual phone number improves your local presence as you can gain the trust of local customers. 

You can use a  local area code to increase the call pick-up rates, as Canadians are known for not picking up the phone, and if they do, they will only pick up the local numbers. Hence, the local residents will likely pick up incoming calls from familiar numbers. 

  • Scalability and Flexibility

A Virtual phone number allows your business to be flexible and scalable to stay relevant and competitive in the dynamic Canadian market. 

As Virtual numbers are not tied to a physical setup, you can manage and customize your incoming and outgoing calls, send and receive sms, and video conference with your cell phone while moving or from any place in the globe.

Moreover, virtual phone numbers help you customize customer service operations across multiple geographic areas with international calling.

In these ways, you can have scalability and flexibility in your business. 

How Can Businesses Use Virtual Phone Numbers in Canada?

Virtual phone numbers offer individuals and businesses flexibility, features, and opportunities. Here are some ways businesses can use virtual phone numbers in Canada:

  • Customer Service and Support

Businesses in customer service and support can use virtual phone numbers. Businesses can establish a separate phone number dedicated to customer service and support. 

In this way, the customers can have a better user experience, leading to better customer satisfaction for the business. This will benefit in both the short and long term. 

  • Sales and Marketing

Virtual phone numbers can be used to track marketing campaigns and generate market leads. Moreover, businesses can also use different virtual phone numbers for separate sales and marketing campaigns to track progress. 

This helps businesses see which campaigns generate more leads and which are not meeting the par performance. The businesses can make plans accordingly. 

  • Remote and Virtual Teams

As more and more businesses become more versatile and flexible, there has been an increase in remote teams.

In this case, businesses can use virtual phone numbers to improve productivity, efficiency, and the end result. For instance, businesses can connect to their clients from anywhere in the world. 

Likewise, team members and departments can stay connected, which aids in collaboration and coordination. 

  • International expansion

Finally, businesses can use virtual phone numbers to lead their international expansion by establishing an international number. 

Moreover, businesses can establish a local number and provide it to international customers, reducing the cost of international calls and aiding international expansion.

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number in Canada?

Getting a virtual phone number in Canada is similar to other countries. It highly depends on your preference, need, and budget. Here is a step-by-step process for getting a virtual phone number in Canada:

  • Choose a Virtual Phone Number Provider: There are numerous phone number providers in Canada. First, analyze the features, needs, and budget to choose the best service for you. 
  • Choose Your Phone Number: Once you have selected the best phone number provider, you can now choose the phone numbers based on the providers’ options. You can choose any type of number, like a local or toll-free number. 
  • Configure and Set Up Your Account: After choosing your phone number, you must set up the account. It might be done by the provider based on the information you provide, or in other cases, you need to set up the account yourself. This will require personal and business information like name, address, email, etc. 
  • Select the Plan: After setting up your account, you must select the plan. Some providers have only one plan; however, most offer various plans based on the features, needs, and budget. 
  • Configure and Test Your Virtual Phone Number: Finally, you must configure your virtual phone number, which involves the tasks like setting the voicemail, call forwarding, and other similar features. After this, you must test all the features and options to check whether they work properly. 

Well done, you just got your very own virtual phone number. Now let’s look at some of the factors to consider when selecting a phone number provider.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Virtual Phone Number Provider

Choosing a virtual phone number provider usually depends on features, budget, needs, customer service, and other factors. Here are the things that you might want to look at before choosing your service provider: 

  • Features of the Provider: Most provider offers different features. You should look at these features, evaluate them, and finally choose the one that meets your needs. Your provider must provide the basic features like:
  • Call Forwarding: This feature directs and routes the call from one virtual phone number to another. 
  • Call Monitoring: This feature can be used to track and monitor all the calls made using a virtual phone number. However, the phone calls in virtual phone numbers are encrypted, so they are very secure. 
  • Call Recording: Call recording is a simple feature that records all the calls made on the virtual phone number. 
  • Tools Integration: This feature combines various tools like Google Workspace and Microsoft Teams, which makes work in businesses much easier. 
  • SMS Messaging: SMS messaging enables businesses to receive text messages and forward them to emails, mobile numbers, and phones.
  • Group Call/ Conference Call: Group and conference calls enable many users to engage in a single call which can be very beneficial for meetings. 
  • Voicemail Transcription: This feature can transcribe the voice message into readable texts. 
  • Voicemail Transcription: This feature can transcribe the voice message into readable texts. 

Best Practices for Using a Virtual Phone Number in Canada

There are many ways you can use all the features and make the best out of your invested money from virtual phone numbers. Here are some of the best practices: 

  • Configuring and Customizing Your Virtual Phone Number

Configuring and customizing is one of the basic things you can do to utilize this versatile tool fully. You must know features like call forwarding, call routing, and voicemail and set the rules and program based on business hours, needs, and preferences. 

Likewise, you can set many customized features like customized greetings and messages before transferring the call to the appropriate person or department. 

  • Integrating Your Virtual Phone Number with Other Communication Tools

Integrating your virtual phone number with other communication tools helps you improve your team’s communication, collaboration, and coordination. These integrated tools can streamline the workflow, facilitating better customer service and user experience.

Most of the virtual phone number providers have CRM integration (Customer relationship management). You can use this integration to track and monitor the calls and analyze various data, including customer interactions which can help in better decision-making in the operations. 

Finally, you can integrate incoming calls with email or messaging tools that alert you and give you information like caller number, name, and others.

  • Monitoring and Measuring Your Virtual Phone Number Performance

Monitoring and measuring your virtual phone number performance can give you insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of the phone number in your business. Many call analytical tools can be integrated with your virtual phone number to check the call volumes, durations, quality, and response time. 

Moreover, this will also aid you in tracking customer feedback, helping your business to make more informed decisions. 


In short, Canada is becoming an international market hub, and there has been an increase in the demand for new technology and communication changes. In such cases, individuals and businesses can use virtual phone numbers to improve their phone presence and scale their business. 

You can choose a virtual phone number provider, which provides the best features at a competitive price. 

With advanced features, high call quality, privacy, and security, Dialaxy can be your business’s ideal solution and tool.

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