Do you run an e-commerce business in Canada? Are you an e-commerce business owner struggling to connect with your target audience in Canada or manage business calls while on the go? If yes, you are not alone.

While you can use a traditional phone system, it will limit your online business from delivering the best customer service. There are chances of you missing a call or customers failing to reach you. As a result, you lose a sale and damage your reputation.

Don’t worry. There is a solution: a virtual phone number for your e-commerce business in Canada. 

With a virtual business phone number Canada, you can make business operations much easier to run across Canada from anywhere in the world. Its sophisticated services align with the e-commerce business process to form a seamless connection between businesses and customers.

In this article, you will learn how to get a virtual phone number for your e-commerce business in Canada. On top of that, we will guide you on which phone service provider to choose and how to use a virtual Canada phone number.

Let’s start with the definition.

What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is a cloud phone service that uses VoIP technology and requires an internet connection to make outgoing or receive incoming calls. It is not tied to a single physical location or device.

As a user, you can use a virtual number on any internet-enabled device(Computer, smartphone, or Tablet) from anywhere in the world. You can access it through a web app, softphone app, desktop app, or VoIP phone.

Types of virtual phone numbers

Generally, there are four types of virtual phone numbers in Canada. Have a look.

Virtual Local phone number

A Canada local phone number is a 10-digit number designed to serve a specific area or city in Canada. It starts with a 3-digit local area code followed by a 3-digit exchange code and a 4-digit subscriber number. Its dialing format is Country code(+1) + Area Code + Remaining Numbers.

Virtual Mobile phone number

A Canada mobile phone number is a 10-digit number designed for mobile phones. It starts with a 3-digit area code followed by a 3-digit exchange code and a 4-digit subscriber number. Canada uses the same dialing format for Local and mobile numbers: Country code(+1) + Area Code + Remaining Numbers. 

Virtual Toll-free phone number

A Canada toll-free phone number is a 10-digit number that enables callers to make free phone calls in Canada. It starts with a 3-digit toll-free code followed by a 7-digit subscriber number. Its dialing format is Country code(+1) + Toll-Free Code(800) + Remaining Numbers.

Virtual Vanity phone number

A Canada vanity phone number is a 10-digit alphanumeric toll-free number that enables callers to make free phone calls in Canada. It consists of both alphabets and numbers. It starts with a 3-digit toll-free prefix followed by a 7-digit subscriber number. Its dialing format is Country code(+1) + Toll-Free Code (800) + Alphanumeric number(alphabets, numbers, or both).

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Your E-commerce Business in Canada?

To get a virtual phone number for your e-commerce business in Canada, Follow the steps:

  • Choose a reliable cloud-based phone number provider.
  • Sign up for an account and use the credentials to log in to your dashboard.
  • Select Canada as your country and a city in Canada as your location.
  • Choose your desired subscription plan and your preferred virtual phone number.
  • Complete payment successfully. Submit requested documents if required.

Best Canada Virtual Phone Number Providers for E-commerce Business

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a short list of the 5 best virtual phone number providers in Canada. 

  • Dialaxy


Dialaxy is a powerful cloud phone service provider in Canada. It’s a cost-effective, reliable, and secure virtual phone number provider that offers US and Canadian phone numbers. It provides package-based services for most SMBs(especially call centers). These businesses can get customized packages as per their business requirements.

Key Features:

  • Call forwarding
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Automatic Call distribution
  • Voicemail Greetings
  • Call monitoring

Pricing: Contact customer support.

  • KrispCall


Krispcall is another leading provider of virtual phone number for your e-commerce business in Canada. It provides virtual phone numbers for 100+ countries, including Canada. With advanced phone call center services, KrispCall is perfect for any e-commerce company having customers across Canada. It provides multichannel channel services, which are best for reaching customers from different channels. It has one of the best mobile apps in the market.

Key features:

  • Unified Callbox
  • Sales dialer
  • Click-to-call widget
  • IVR tree
  • CRM integration

Pricing: Starts at USD 12 per month per user (Annual subscription)

  • EasyRinger


EasyRinger is an easy-to-use cloud-based business phone system for small and medium-sized E-commerce businesses in Canada. It provides cloud phone numbers for Canada at a reasonable rate. The sales team and customer support can work in a unified manner using its CRM and help desk.

Key features:

  • Interactive Voice Menus
  • Voicemail
  • Block/Allow Callers
  • SMS Forwarding

Pricing: Starts at USD 14 per month per user.

  • Zadarma


Zadarma is one of Canada’s best voice telecommunication solutions for e-commerce startups. With Cloud PBX services to over 100 countries, Zadarma has established itself as a reliable and genuine VoIP phone system worldwide. On top of that, its CRM services can help you enhance your relationship with customers quickly.

Key features:

  • Call tracking
  • Callback button
  • Click-to-call button
  • Speech Analytics
  • Video conferencing

Pricing: Starts at USD 39 per team per month

  • Avoxi


Avoxi is yet another top-of-the-line e-commerce business communication solution in Canada. Its contact center software provides a seamless customer service experience, better team productivity, and top-class call connection. Avoxi business phone system provides virtual phone numbers for 150+ countries (including Canada) at an affordable rate.

Key Features:

  • Call forwarding
  • Number porting
  • Automatic Call distribution (ACD)
  • SIP trunks
  • Integrations

Pricing: Starts at USD 19.99 per user per month

Things to consider while buying a virtual phone number for E-commerce Business in Canada

Consider the following elements while you are looking to purchase a virtual phone number for your E-commerce business.

  • Determine business requirements

As an e-commerce business owner, you must determine what exactly you need to operate your entire business communication. Evaluate your plan with your marketing and sales team to determine what they need to conduct their interaction and campaigns. 

  • Virtual phone number provider reputation

When choosing a virtual business number provider, check their user reviews. Make sure to compare the user reviews of different providers. Shortlist genuine providers that provide excellent service and 99.99% uptime, then choose the one best suited for your business.

  • Identify phone number type

If you want to connect with the local people in your area, it’s best to get a local number to establish a local presence. In case you want to add a call center service for customer support, toll-free numbers are a good choice. Vanity numbers work better while running sales and marketing campaigns. If you want to communicate with customers on a personal level, get a cell phone number.

  • Compare pricing and features

Finding the right pricing plan that meets your budget is always good. That’s why you need to compare the prices of Canada virtual business number providers to get the best one for yourself. You also need to compare the features and check which provider gives all the necessary features at an affordable cost.

  • Integration with other tools

As an e-commerce business, you need various tools such as team productivity tools, CRM tools, communication tools, etc. Check whether the business phone system provider can integrate the tools you use in your business or not.

  • Customer Support

Make sure your Canadian phone number service provider provides 24/7 customer support so that you can always reach your provider in case you can see any technical issues. Check their availability and support hours to ensure they can assist you if you encounter any issues.


Make sure to follow the steps properly to get a Canada business virtual phone number for e-commerce business. You can choose any one of the virtual phone number providers listed above based on your business requirements. If you have more queries about the virtual phone number, feel free to contact our support team and get more detailed info about virtual phone number for your e-commerce business in Canada.


How do I get a virtual phone number in Canada?

Steps to get a virtual phone number in Canada:

  • Sign up to Dialaxy via the official website or mobile app.
  • Login with the correct credentials to access the dashboard.
  • Click the “My Number” option under the “Portal” menu.
  • Select the “Buy Number” option.
  • Choose “Canada” as the country and select the phone number  from the list.
  • Make payment and submit necessary documents if necessary.

Is virtual number legal in Canada?

Certainly, virtual numbers are permitted in Canada, but it’s crucial to ensure their lawful use. Utilize virtual business phone number exclusively for legal purposes, and verify that the VoIP service provider complies with all federal regulations and guidelines.

How do I get a virtual phone number?

There are various applications that enable internet-based phone calls, providing users with a phone number without any cost. Examples of virtual phone number providers offering calling and texting services include Dialaxy, Krispcall, TextNow, Textfree, Google Voice, etc.

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