Working in sales isn’t as fun as it may seem or sound; in fact, it is very stressful. I’m sure you understand the frustration of lower sales conversion as agents put their soul and mind into it just to receive the good old bad sales. It could be tiring making calls and spending all your energy dialing customer calls throughout work hours. For this problem, we offer you a perfect solution: sales dialer software.

Dialer software is perfect for sales and marketing because it increases sales conversion and efficiency. It automates the dialing process, allowing the sales team to focus solely on their interaction. Dialer software is a valuable asset for agents, designed to make sales more efficient and less time-consuming. 

In today’s blog, we will discuss the sales dialer and everything you need to know before selecting one for your business. We will also provide you with the eight best sales dialer software lists. 

So, let’s get started !!!!

What is a Sales Dialer?

A sales dialer is an effective sales and marketing tool that helps increase the effectiveness and efficiency of sales.  With the use of this sales tool, agents can completely concentrate on interacting with customers by automating the dialing processes. Businesses can benefit from sales dialer software since it increases productivity and efficiency in outbound calling.

Many sales dialer software have various useful features and benefits such as call recording, real-time analytics, power dialing, CRM integration, etc., helping businesses improve their conversation rate and customer interaction.  

Types of Sales Dialers 

The following are the types of sales dialers.

  • Progressive dialer

A progressive dialer is a sales technique that automates the process of making inbound and outbound calls. Agents don’t have to manually dial each contact number from the list. Once the call is completed, the next caller is dialed automatically. It is very popular among inbound and outbound call centers as it increases agents’ efficiency.

  • List-based dialer

A list-based dialer, more commonly known as a flow dialer, is a sales technique that automatically regulates all the sales calls in the sequence flow. It provides visibility to the call as agents control the selection of calls and move to them quickly. With a list-based dialer, your agents can be more productive, leading to faster and more efficient sales.

  •  Auto dialer

Auto dialer, as defined in the same, is simply designed to make calls from a predefined list both automatically and manually. It provides various benefits such as automated dialing, call recording, customization, increased efficiency, and more. This dialer feature can help businesses improve their efficiency and business margin. 

  • Power dialer

  Power dialers are very similar to auto-dialers in that they automatically call from a predefined contact. However, they are designed to make agents’ jobs easier. Instead of automatically dialing to the next contact, they dial only when the agent is available. Power dialers have various benefits, including call filtering, CRM integration, customization, scalability, and more. 

Key Features to Look for in Sales Dialer Software

Key Features to Look for in Sales Dialer Software

The following are the key features to look for in sales dialer software.

A. Call recording

Call recording is one of the most important tools and features in sales dialing, as it helps you capture, analyze, and understand the customer. It provides businesses with valuable information, and it could be useful for training and quality purposes. With the help of recording, organizations can help agents understand their weaker points and help them with them. It also helps in enhancing customer experience as it can help you get insight into what a customer truly wants.

B. Power dialing

Power dialing helps to make outbound calls from database phone numbers in search of a potential customer. It is an important feature in sales as it even assists agents with follow-up calls. It automates the process of dialing and leaving voice messages for sales agents. With the help of a power dialer, agents can make 60-70 calls per hour, increasing agents’ productivity and efficiency. It also allows agents to see which calls they have already made and which calls they need to make, making it easier for them to follow up and provide the best service. 

C. Call routing

Call routing automatically distributes calls to the best possible agent for the specific call. It plays a vital role in producing positive customer service, as it minimizes customer wait time and reduces frustration. With the help of call routing, businesses can significantly improve their efficiency as it automatically distributes calls to the most suitable agent according to their skills. It also provides various benefits to business such as lower cost, flexibility,  efficiency, and more. 

D. Real-time  analytics

Real-time analytics and reporting help businesses analyze and provide insightful data so they can act quickly on changes. They also help businesses predict customer behavior and solve the problems associated with it. Real-time analytics has various benefits, such as faster decision-making, live data visualization, improved customer relations, and more. 

Comparison of Top 8 Sales Dialer Software Solutions

We have researched and analyzed the top 8 sales dialer software solutions. Let’s dive in !!!

1. Dialaxy

Dialaxy is among the most popular and most valued sales dialer software for its price. It provides automated dialing features for single or multiple devices. Dialaxy is the solution for any sales-related inefficiency as it is equipped with features and benefits such as call recording, call monitoring, reporting, CRM integration, etc., all of which lead to more efficient sales and increased sales conversion. It also provides 100+ integration and an easy user interface, making it easier for the agents to operate. 

Dialaxy Pricing:

  • Basic: $20 per month
  • Plus: $40 per month 
  • Pro: $60 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact dialaxy 

2. CloudTalk

CloudTalk offers one of the best services for high-volume sales. It is integrated with various sales tools and third-party platforms. CloudTalk has features such as smart dial, click-to-call, call distribution, and even lets you set a time between individual calls and call attempts. The only con about CloudTalk is that integrating with other tools and platforms is very tedious. 

CloudTalk pricing:

  • Starter: $25 per month 
  • Essential: $30 per month 
  • Expert: $50 per month 

3. RingCentral

RingCentral is an enterprise-grade VoIP service provider that offers an autodialer for high call volumes. It is equipped with various features, such as a preview dialer, visual voicemail, IVR, collaborative notes, etc., which simplify the sales process. RingCentral also provides insight to agents when they are on call, empowering them. The only con with RingCentral is that the cost could be slightly higher, especially for small companies. 

RingCentral pricing:

  • Core: $20 per month 
  • Advanced: $25 per month
  • Ultra: $35 per month 

4. CallHippo

CallHippo is a virtual service provider that offers high-definition calling and an intelligent sales dialer to boost your team’s efficiency and productivity. It has various features, such as a smart switch, call analytics, global connect, etc., and multiple dialers to save time and boost the agent’s productivity. You can even record calls through CallHippo for quality assurance and training. The only con about CallHippo is that some features are unavailable as add-ons, making it more expensive. 

CallHippo pricing:

  • Basic: $0 per month
  • Starter: $16 per month
  • Professional: $28 per month
  • Unlimited: $40 per month

5. Nextiva

Nextiva is a business communication platform that provides automated sales dialer software to maximize sales agents’ productivity. It is equipped with various features such as a toll-free number, voicemail, call history and log reports, video conferencing, etc. Nextiva has an easy-to-use interface, making it easier for agents to operate. It also allows you to trace each agent’s performance in detail. The only con about Nextiva is that you cannot cancel the number your account is set with.

Nextiva pricing:

  • Essential: $18.95 per month
  • Professional: $22.95 per month 
  • Enterprise: $32.95 per month 

6. HubSpot 

HubSpot is an innovative sales technology perfect for sales and marketing operations. It is equipped with various features that simplify sales, such as sales management, social media integration, CRM integration, and more. It provides an easy lineup and prioritizes your sales calls. It also automatically logs call details into your CRM system, saving time. The only con about HubSpot is that the call history is comparatively hard to analyze.

HubSpot Pricing 

  • Stater: $35 per month
  • Professional: $280 per month 
  • Enterprise: $1200 per month 

7. PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner is a power dialer platform that helps sales teams get through calls faster. It provides a built-in contact manager, allowing users to record voice mail and choose which contact to call. PhoneBurner is equipped with features such as reporting, call analytics, call tracking, CRM interaction, etc. 

PhoneBurner pricing:

  • Free: $0 per month
  • Starter: $149 per month

8. Dialpad

Dialpad is an AI-powered VoIP server with a sales dialer feature designed to boost agents’ productivity. It is also equipped with SMS, MMS, voicemail transcription, reporting, and analytics. Dialpad automatically suggests phrases you should say to clients during calls and lets you even drop pre-recorded messages to avoid missed calls. The con about dial pad is that it doesn’t alert you during a missed call, and finding a specific contact could be tricky. 

Dialpad pricing:

  • Standard: $15 per month
  • Pro: $25 per month 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Sales Dialer Software

When choosing sales dialer software for your business, there are a few factors you need to consider. While the factors may vary depending on the business you own, these are some basic factors you need regardless of what business you run. Factors like cost, customer support, scalability, flexibility, and security are a must. You should always choose software according to your budget and find the best value for it. Security should also not be compromised. 

As businesses tend to grow over the years, your chosen software should be flexible and scalable. You don’t want the hassle of switching your software once your business grows, so look into software that offers scalability. There are plenty of sales dialer software on the market, so it is important that you do your research and test the software before finalizing it. This way, you can ensure that the selected software fits your business niches. 

Benefits of Sales Dialer Software for Your Business

Benefits of Sales Dialer Software for Your Business

The following are the benefits of sales dialer software.

Helps increase the conversion rate

Implementing sales dialer software into your business can help you increase the sales conversation rate and meet your sales goal more efficiently.  It provides speed and various dialing features, allowing you to reduce reaching time and speed up the overall process.  

Increased productivity

Sales dialer software is a great way to boost an agent’s productivity. It helps simplify and streamline the sales process. Features such as integration, call routing, power dialing, etc., can help agents be more productive by decreasing repetitive tasks, leading to a more efficient and productive operational environment. 

Enhance customer service

With the help of sales dialer software integrated into your business, your customer service is doomed to skyrocket. The sales dialer streamlines sales, making it easier for both the agent and the customer, creating a positive sales experience. Integrating different dialer features can also help agents reduce customer wait time, increasing customer satisfaction. Calls are also more likely to be answered by live agents,  providing an overall better caller experience. 

Reduce operational cost

One significant benefit of sales dialer software is the reduced operational cost. Integrating a sales dialer into your business can reduce manual dialing time, saving agents time and resources. With auto dialer and power dialing features, your sales agents can make the most of their time, increasing overall productivity and reducing the need for extra staff. 


To sum up, sales dialer software is the perfect fit for businesses of any size. It is equipped with features such as flexibility, CRM integration, call quality, customer support, power dial, etc., to improve the manual dialing process. Integrating sales dialer software into your business can provide employees with cutting-edge dialing technology that saves the salesperson time.  

In the above article, we mentioned the top 8 sales dialer software to automate your business flow. However, if you want to integrate sales dialer software into your business, we recommend Dialaxy, as it is among the best. With its advanced dialer solution, it automates and simplifies the dialing process, enabling your sales team to work more efficiently. 


What is sales dialer software?

A sales dialer software feature automates the manual process of dialing a prospect’s or customer’s phone number, allowing sales agents to accurately dial a customer’s phone number and focus on their interaction.

What is a dialer, and what types of dialers?

A dialer is an automated system that places calls from an outbound call center. There are various types of dialers and the most common ones include:

  • Auto Dialer 
  • Power Dialer
  • Progressive Dialer
  • Preview Dialer

Which is the best phone dialer?

Dialaxy is the best phone dialer as it provides features such as caller ID, call blocking, backup and restore options, etc.

What does dialer software do?

A dialer software automates the dialing process and quickly documents the outcome of these calls.

Prasanta Raut

Prasanta is the founder and visionary CEO of Dialaxy. He is on a mission to redefine the landscape of SaaS solutions, infusing creativity and ingenuity into every aspect of Dialaxy’s offerings. His fervent dedication to simplifying sales and support processes drives Dialaxy’s forward momentum, delivering unparalleled value to businesses of all sizes. Embark on a transformative journey with Prasanta and Dialaxy as they pave the way for a new era of sales and support excellence.

Prasanta Raut

Prasanta is the founder and visionary CEO of Dialaxy. He is on a mission to redefine the landscape of SaaS solutions, infusing creativity and ingenuity into every aspect of Dialaxy’s offerings. His fervent dedication to simplifying sales and support processes drives Dialaxy’s forward momentum, delivering unparalleled value to businesses of all sizes. Embark on a transformative journey with Prasanta and Dialaxy as they pave the way for a new era of sales and support excellence.