Can you change Caller ID Name on iPhone and Android? Or Are you looking for alternative ways to change and update your new Caller ID? This blog will provide detailed information, from its definition to the guided steps to changing your name, hiding it, and updating your ID. 

What is the Caller ID Name?

What is the Caller ID Name

Caller ID is a feature available on a phone system that displays the caller’s name and number on the receiver’s phone. This facilitates identifying other end persons or if it’s a new caller to start an informed conversation. 

How to Change Caller ID Name on iPhone?

One can promptly turn your caller ID on or off on the iPhone, but changing a caller ID involves a different process.

First, we will discuss how we turn our caller ID on or off. When our caller ID is on, the receiver sees our name and number, but when we turn it off, a private number or unknown is displayed on the wireless caller phone by following a simple process.

  1. Open the settings on your iPhone.
  2. Tap phone
  3. Select Show My Caller ID
  4. Toggle On or Off

When we buy a new iPhone, we provide the required information to the carrier to set up the service. This information displays the caller ID name if the receiver does not have your name saved. The user must contact their carrier, who will assist in changing the caller ID. Customizing your ID also depends on the carrier compatibility with the T-Mobile app. This app manages and upgrades your phone effortlessly. Follow these easy steps to change caller ID information.

  1. Open AppStore and download the T-Mobile app
  2. Sign up to Log in
  3. Choose More on the Home screen
  4. Choose Profile Settings
  5. Choose the Caller ID option. 
  6. Edit your First and Last name.
  7. Click the Save button to update your caller ID name.

If the carrier is incompatible with the T-Mobile App, We can contact them directly for alternative options or enquire about using a third-party server. However, it is crucial to consider its privacy and policy regulations for data security before implementing them.

How to Change Caller ID Name on Android?

The carrier restricts users from manually changing their caller ID on their phone system. So, to customize the ID, the user must contact their carrier. Once they approve your request and verify your identity, you can follow these steps to change your ID on Android:

  1. Open Google App
  2. Tap the three horizon line 
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Select “Google Account”
  5. Navigate “Personal Info”
  6. Select the “Name” option
  7. Edit your new Caller ID name
  8. Restart your phone

After restarting your phone, you can call a nearby number to ensure if integrations have successfully worked in your phone system or not. With successful integration, you can see the change in your call display.

You can look into T-Mobile apps or websites to change the Caller ID. You can call customer support directly and request them to change and upgrade your current information in their database. You can subscribe to their newsletter or the latest updates. Create an account with the given steps:

  1. Go to the T-Mobile website
  2. Tap “My account”.
  3. Tap “Log In” to get your T-Mobile ID.
  4. Choose ”Profile.”
  5. Choose “Line Settings.”
  6. Choose “Preferred name.”
  7. Write the name you want to update
  8. Choose “Save”.

You can browse the Sprint website and change your ID Name with the provided steps:

  1. Open the Sprint website
  2. Tap “My account”.
  3. Create a Sprint account.
  4. Go to the “ My Preferences tab.
  5. Choose “Change caller ID name.”
  6. Edit name.
  7. Save changes.

The Caller ID is referred to as the Share Name ID on the Verizon website. You can update the new caller ID from the Verizon App or website.

You can use the AT&T website instead of the phone app to change your outgoing caller ID Name. It involves the following steps:

  1. Go to “AT&T website.”
  2. Tap the “Sign-In” option.
  3. Open your “AT&T” account.
  4. Navigate “Profil.”.
  5. Choose your account.
  6. Pick your number
  7. Tap “Edit” to change the ID name.

It will take about 72 hours to update the information. First, sign out and sign in again to see the changes.

We are able to change Caller ID Names using websites and Apps like T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T. The changes will not impact the performance of the device. Otherwise, you can use a speed test app to clear the capabilities dought.

If carriers restrict changing and hiding your Caller ID name on both devices, you can change it using Third-Party Apps like Google Voice. This app will provide a number that can be used for messaging and offers voicemails and call forwarding facilities. You can refer to it as a secondary number and connect to people and businesses despite the actual number. The caller will not be notified that they are calling on a secondary number. This app is available only to American and Canadian residents.  It is a helpful app if you don’t want to display your ID or even if you want to give a new name.  Follow these steps to set up Google Voice on your phone.

  1. Go to Play Store and Install Google Voice
  2. Open App
  3. Choose Account
  4. Search for a number on the Search button
  5. Select from the list of available numbers based on your city
  6. Verify your number to get a secondary number
  7. Tap “Next”.
  8. Again, verify your number and tap “Next”.
  9. Enter your primary number.
  10. Receive the code and paste it on the voice app.
  11. Tap Finish. (you must provide the correct code to verify your account to use the secondary number).

It’s crucial to remember that only some carriers permit users to update their ID easily. They ought to take emergency response, security, and rules into account. Encouraging simple changes can lead to fraud, customer exploitation, and security risks, which weaken people’s trust in communication networks.

There is a facility to change incoming caller ID in each person’s phone. The incoming call in your phone will display as the information saved in the caller’s database, but if you have saved the number of a person with a certain name, then the automatic name will display.

How do you hide your caller ID on Android and iOS?

Hide your caller ID on Android 

Hide your caller ID on Android 

If you are an Android device user like Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, or Xiaomi, you can follow these steps to hide your number. Before following the procedures, it is also important to note that you might come across different options or wordings; they may vary slightly depending on the model and version of the device you use. So, contacting your customer service is the optimum solution for getting accurate information.

  1. Open the Phone App
  2. Select three vertical lines 
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Scroll down and tap Supplementary Services (it has the list of call options your company provides).
  5. Tap “Show your caller ID” ( if this option is gray, it indicates restriction on ID changes).
  6. Tap “Never”.

Hide your caller ID on IOS

Hide your caller ID on IOS

Follow these easy steps to hide your ID on your iPhone:

  1. Open your phone
  2. Tap “Settings”.
  3. Tap “Phone”.
  4. Tap “Show My Caller ID.”
  5. The Toggle button is available on the same screen as ‘ Show My Caller ID,’ you can turn it off, but if there is no change after the tap, you are restricted to hiding your caller ID. 


Users wanting to customize their caller ID on Android and iPhone must visit the carrier’s app or website. You can change your name using T-Mobile directly, requesting customer service to update new information on their database, or using T-Mobile apps, and you can change your ID name by creating an account on Sprint’s website.  It’s crucial to remember that not every carrier permits users to easily update their ID for some security reasons, as simple changes can invite threads to user’s data. In such cases, you can use third-party apps unavailable in all countries.


How do I change my name on my iPhone Caller ID?

You can change the name on your iPhone Caller ID by contacting your carrier, who controls and manages Caller ID Names.

How do I change my Caller ID name on Android?

To change your caller ID name on Android, contact your carrier. They will provide the necessary assistance to modify your name, but it is also crucial to remember that only some carriers permit users to update their ID easily.

How do I change the call display on my Android?

We can change the call display by turning the caller ID features on or off in our phone settings. The process involves the steps: Open the settings on your iPhone > Tap phone > Select Show My Caller ID > Toggle On or Off.

How do I change my default Caller ID name?

You must reach out to your carriers, and you must confirm your correct identity. After verification, you can request to change your default caller ID name. Your phone company’s customer service will provide and guide you through the steps if they permit you. Otherwise, you can go for a third-party app vulnerable to security risks.

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